Strawberry Flavor Concentrate

Strawberry Flavor Concentrate

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Strawberry Flavor Concentrate for E-liquid and food

The fruity taste of a fresh and very sweet strawberry

Full fruit taste, strawberry natural and pure
2% - 8%
3 - 5 days
24 Months
PE bottle with tip
1 x strawberry flavor
DIY strawberry flavor for self-flavoring individual liquids with the taste characteristics of a sweet strawberry. Ripe, fruity, and almost as if picked. to steam in electronic cigarettes and electro. Evaporators.

Attention highly concentrated: Aromas for the production of e-liquids must under no circumstances be used undiluted and should always be mixed with a DIY-eLiquid Base.

Nat. Flavorings / Extracts, Propylene Glycol

All flavors except tobacco flavors are flavors that are also used in the food industry. They are therefore harmless. In addition, all our flavors are free of dyes as well as sugar, lactose and gluten free.


For the production of eLiquid flavors, only products of pharmacopoeia quality are used. In order to be able to offer you the highest quality and maximum safety during steaming, our raw materials are meticulously checked with every delivery.


Despite first-class products at the highest level, we can keep prices for our mid-range flavors. Due to the most careful way of working and permanent raw material testing, quality is not just a buzzword with us, but an experience.


Since the flavors are highly concentrated substances, they must never be used in their pure form, but must be diluted with a base. The correct mixing ratio here is 2% to 8% of the aroma in the base. Although the proportion of the aroma initially seems very low, it is absolutely sufficient for an optimal taste experience. Which dilution ratio is chosen depends on the one hand on the aroma itself, on the other hand on the personal taste.


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10ml PET Liquid Bottle 10ml PET Liquid Bottle
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30ml PET Liquid Bottle 30ml PET Liquid Bottle
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Eliquid / Flavor mixer Complete set Eliquid / Flavor mixer Complete set
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Eliquid PE Funnel Eliquid PE Funnel
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Injection Syringe 10ml Injection Syringe 10ml
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Injection Syringe 1ml Injection Syringe 1ml
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PP Measuring cup 50ml PP Measuring cup 50ml
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