Flavor and E-Juice Made in Germany

The House of Vape Basis Liquid is manufactured in Germany and is of course provided with a durability date. The bottles have an originality and child safety device as well as a filler neck for safe use.

Liquid bases or liquid bases are the liquids that are evaporated in e-cigarettes. The liquids usually consist of a carrier substance, a flavor and a nicotine addition. As a rule, the steamer uses ready-mixed liquid, but it is also possible to mix liquid itself. We offer a wide selection of the most popular Liquids. The liquid bases are the main component. Our Eliquid Basis consist of the carrier substance as well as the nicotine addition (nicotine shots). They do not contain any flavor. The carrier substance, in turn, consists of propylene glycol (PG) and glycerol (VG) in any proportions. Pure PG bases and pure VG bases are also common. Sometimes, in VG-containing bases, a certain amount of water is also present, which improves the consistency.

What is propylene glycol and glycerine?

Most liquids for e-cigarettes contain propylene glycol (PG-E1520). PG is a good flavor carrier, so e-liquids for e-cigarettes with a high PG content usually taste more intense.

So if you are looking for an intense taste, you should choose bases like Advanced or Balance for mixing.

The glycerin (VG-E422) is a true steam miracle and ensures high, dense vapor in the e-liquid. Therefore it often has a share in the liquid of the e-cigarettes to produce a good mixture of steam and taste.

Glycerol is also excellently suited for intolerance to PG. Here, for example, B. Natural as the basis.

Advanced and Balance are among the most popular bases, followed by Natural.

Differences in mixtures

Each of these shot blends has certain properties in terms of viscosity, taste and steam development.

Liquid Base: Balance (50% VG - 50% PG) is a balanced base between VG and PG. The taste and the steam development are balanced

Liquid Base: Advanced (55% PG - 35% VG - 10% H2O) is thinner than other mixtures and requires less flavor due to the higher PG content.

Liquid Base: Cloud (70% VG - 30% PG) is, as the name suggests, a very dampening, cloud-forming base. Due to the high VG content, the mixture is thicker and requires more flavor.

Liquid Base: Natural (80% VG - 20% H2O) is known for a very intensive steam development and needs significantly more flavor than others. The H2O fraction dilutes the viscous VG.

Liquid Base: Ice (90% PG - 10% H2O) the right base for strong aromatic liquors.

E liquid Base: PG (99.7% Ph.Eur) is the flavor of each mixture.

E Liquid Base: VG (99.5% Ph.Eur) is responsible for the steam and the steam quantity of each mixture