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Flavor Concentrate

High-quality flavors for the mixing of E-Liquid and Liquid Base

The wonderful world of aromas is diverse. Is there actually still a taste direction with the E-Liquid, which has not been covered yet? Yes, there is certainly, because besides "simple" tastes such as tobacco, peppermint or chocolate, there are countless more exotic varieties, ranging from butter biscuits to cactus, but also here can be experimented with almost endless mixtures.

But if that is not enough, it becomes a "mixer" or rather to the self-mixer of E-Liquid. The product, which gives the self-mixed liquid the flavor is the aroma.

Eliquid flavors of high quality at House of Vape

There is certainly no reason to be afraid if a steamer decides to refrain from making ready liquids and to avoid self-mixed eJuice, because it is thought that the finished liquid might have a lower quality. For many e-liquids are produced under professional and careful manufacturing processes in Asia and Europe.

If, however, a "Made in Germany" appears on the aroma to mix the e-liquid, the steamer can be assured that this is the result of an aroma which completely fulfills all tests and regulations.

Attention! Aromas must never be steamed "pure"!

Under our wide range, you will also find exactly the aroma you need for your personal liquid.

A... Apfel, Aprikose, Anis, Ananas, Amaretto, Apfelkuchen- B... Banane, Birne, Bier, Brombeere Blaubeere - C... Caipirinha, Cannabis, Cola, Cappuccino, Cognac, Cranberry - D... Donat - E... Energydrink, Eukalyptus, Erdbeere, Eisbonbon, Erdnuss, - G... Grapefruit, Glühwein, Grüner Tee, Godfather, Gummibärchen - H... Honigmelone, Haselnuss, Himbeere, Heidelbeere, Honig, Holunderblüte - J... Jasmin, Johannisbeere - K... Kiwi, Kirsche, Karamell, Kaffee, Käsekuchen, Kaktusfeige, Kokosnuss, Kakao - L... Limette, Lebkuchen, Litschi - M... Marzipan, Mandarine, Maracuja, Menthol, Mango, Milch, Mandel, Mokka, Mojito, Marshmallow - N... Nougat - O... Orange - P... Pistazie, Pfefferminze, Pfirsich, Pina-Colada, Pink Panther, Pflaume - R... Rum, Rhabarber, Rose - S... Schokolade, Spearmint, Sahne, Stachelbeere, Sex on the Beach - T... Traube, Tabak, Tiramisu - V... Vanille - W... Waldmeister, Whisky, Walnuss, Waffel, Wassermelone - Z... Zuckerwatte, Zitrone

Frosty cooling ICE Aromen:

Frosty Kirsche - Frosty Energydrink - Frosty Menthol - Frosty Wassermelone - Frosty Waldmeister - Frosty Apfel - Frosty Eisbonbon - Frosty Erdbeere - Frosty Himbeere - Frosty Pfirsich - Frosty Vanille - Frosty Tabak - Frosty Mango - Frosty Kokosnuss - Frosty Spearmint - Frosty Cola - Frosty Whisky - Frosty Zuckerwatte - Frosty Ananas