Bases for DIY Liquid

Premium basic liquid for mixing e-liquids

E Liquid Base with 0mg 3mg 6mg 9mg 12mg Nicotine Set - E-Liquid E-Liquids

For beginners and steamer: E-Liquid base to mix yourself !!

Mixing ratio of your choice

Nicotine content: 0mg 3mg 6mg 9mg 12mg 15mg nicotine

Capacity: 500ml - 1000ml

Ingredients: VG Glycerin 99.5% - PG Propylene Glycol 99.7%

Aroma: tasteless and odorless

Tip nicotine shots into matching bottle, fill with base, shake, ready!

With the nicotine shots, the nicotine-free base can simply be mixed up to the desired nicotine strength.

E-liquid ABC:

Differences of the mixtures

Each of these shot blends has certain viscosity, taste and vapor properties

50% VG-50% PG "Balance" E-Liquid is a balanced base between VG and PG. The taste and the steam are in balance

55% PG-35% VG-10% H2O "Advanced" E-Liquid is less viscous than other mixtures and requires less flavor due to its higher PG content.

70% VG-30% PG "Cloud Base" E-Liquid is, as the name suggests, a very vapor-heavy, cloud-forming base. Due to the high VG content, the mixture is thicker and requires more flavor.

Natural (80%VG-20%PG) ist für eine sehr intensive Dampfentwicklung bekannt und benötigt deutlich mehr Aroma als andere. Der PG Anteil verdünnt das dickflüssige VG.

PG (99.5% Ph.Eur) propylene glycol is the flavor carrier of each mixture.

VG (99.5% Ph.Eur) Vegetable Glycerin is responsible for the steam and the amount of steam in each mixture.

Eliquid Set 1000ml DIY Eliquid Complete Kit consisting of:

E liquid set with 3mg nicotine = 15 shots a 20mg / ml nicotine incl. (150ml + 850ml)

E liquid set with 6mg nicotine = 30 shots a 20mg / ml nicotine incl. (300ml + 700ml)

E liquid set with 9mg nicotine = 45 shots a 20mg / ml nicotine incl. (450ml + 550ml)

E liquid set with 12mg nicotine = 60 shots a 20mg / ml nicotine incl. (600ml + 400ml)

Our Shake & Vape Kits are perfect for beginners or "first mixers" and anyone who wants to become one. Even if you know how to mix with the E Liquid yourself, but do not want to have any problems with the mixing, extra containers, nicotine-shots machines or similar, our Easy Mix Kits are the perfect solution!

You will receive a base bottle with exactly the space to simply pour in the nicotine bottles included in the delivery - after filling in the nicotine shots, close the lid again and shake well for 1-2 minutes easy & fast your premium nicotine liquid vapor is ready!

In our shop, you will naturally find over 100 Aroma Concentrate varieties to round off your liquid base and give your homemade e-liquid the desired taste.