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Since the European Tobacco Product Directive TPD2 entered into force, sales of nicotine-containing E Liquids and bases are only permitted in containers with a capacity of up to 10 ml. For all self-mixers and those who want to become one, thanks to the 0er base in larger containers and nicotine shots, there is still a possibility to mix their liquids even relatively cheaply.

The liquid kits offered by us are available in the nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg.

All our Eliquid Bases are produced exclusively in Germany and for our products exclusively raw materials are used which are certified according to the DAB (German Pharmacy), the Ph. Eur. (European Pharmacy) and the USP (American Pharmacy).

This product is not suitable for persons under 18 years of age. Order and shipping only with age certification!

Base Liquid / Liquid Base available in the following mixing ratios !!

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E-cigarettes, e-liquids, flavors and co. As well as the versatile world of vaping are becoming more and more popular and are finding new fans around the world every day. Would you also like to get away from the normal tobacco cigarette and try an alternative to smoking? Then you have come to the right place in our shop for e-cigarettes, e-liquids, flavors and accessories. Switching from a regular tobacco cigarette to the e-cigarette can offer many consumer benefits that some studies have already shown. And precisely because we are so enthusiastic about the topic of e-cigarettes, we offer you a large selection of e-cigarettes, e-liquids, flavors and accessories in our shop and are always expanding our range. Now there is only one thing left to do: Browse through our steamer shop, you will find the right e-cigarette for you and let yourself be won over by our delicious e-liquids, aromas and basic liquids, the Filliglids undiglids Shortie as F Long Fill Liquids or . Can acquire flavors.

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Vaping or vaping is more and more on the advance and our society can hardly be imagined without it. Numerous users swear by the e-cigarette and the possibilities for developing your own taste with e-liquids and aromas. In the technical field of e-cigarettes, too, there are fast, daily new innovations and milestones that benefit the needs of vapers, be it more powerful battery mods, artificial intelligences or material improvements for a length increase. We at Riccardo put the full range of e-cigarettes, e-liquids, flavors, vaporizers and accessories at your feet and at a fair price. In addition, bargain hunters can look forward to reduced special offers in the sale and in our B-goods center. In addition, you can enjoy our customer service, who is at your side with help and advice for all problems and questions relating to e-cigarettes.

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There is no tobacco in the e-cigarette, but a so-called e-liquid. This is a liquid to be evaporated made up of food additives, water and small amounts of food flavorings. In our online shop you will find an international repertoire from various manufacturers, but also Riccardo's own creations. Here you can purchase a ready-made e-liquid or opt for a shake-and-vape e-liquid. But where exactly is the difference here? Our finished e-liquids are available in 10 ml bottles, whereby you only set the predefined nicotine content between 0 mg and 20 mg in advance. With the shake-and-vape e-liquids you get the aroma portion of the e-liquid in a larger bottle with a filling volume between 60 ml and 120 ml. Here you just add a base and, if necessary, a nicotine shot, shake the bottle vigorously several times and can start steaming straight away. In contrast to mixing aromas, you do not have to adhere to a maturing period or resting phase with the shake-and-vape e-liquids. In addition, there are no limits to the variety of flavors in e-liquids. Whether hearty, sweet, fruity, cool or fresh, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our online shop. From A for apple to Z for cinnamon bun, every steamer gets their money's worth with our e-liquids. Browse through our wide range of e-liquids from Riccardo Classic, Riccardo Red Dragon and other manufacturers

Colorful variety of flavor concentrates to mix yourself

In addition to e-liquid in its different variants, you can also purchase aroma for your e-cigarette from Riccardo, which is available in a wide variety of flavors. In our shop you will also find a wide range of international manufacturers, but also numerous Riccardo own creations. Here you have the choice between pure aroma concentrates in various sizes or long-fill aromas, to which you only have to add nicotine shots in the desired nicotine strength and basic liquid. After mixing, simply note the specified maturing time and then start steaming in a relaxed manner. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to our flavors. No matter which taste you prefer: In our online shop you are guaranteed to find the right aroma for you.